How to Recover Deleted/Open PST Files on Mac

|by Dodson, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

Did you end up deleting your PST file on Mac? Is it not even in the recycle bin? No need to fret! How would you feel if we told you it can easily be recovered? Got your attention, haven’t I? Before I go ahead and tell you how you can recover a deleted PST file, let us talk about what PST files are in detail.

What are PST Files?

PST means personal storage table. It is commonly known as a database file that creates a copy of the data and saves it on the hard disk. This includes data in the form of calendars, messages, and contacts, etc. So, it is your folder.

A certain attribute of a PST file is that it cannot be read, composed, or deleted in online mode. Moreover, if the file gets damaged it will be impossible to access the data, or do you think?

Where are PST files located on Mac?

Every file created in the macOS has its location. This depends on the usage and importance. Because PST files are database files that is why the user can’t find them with just one click.

The answer to the question is pretty simple. You can find the PST file on Mac in the main profile, but reaching the location is not a simple select and click. There are a few steps to follows which have been described below:

  1. Go to Mac finder. You can see an option by the name of Macintosh HD on the top left.
  2. Select USER and click on ROTATE.
  3. Clicking on the LIBRARY option will open a new list of options.
  4. Select the GROUP CONTAINER option.
  5. Choose UBF8T346G9. Office and select OUTLOOK
  6. Next, select OUTLOOK 15 PROFILE
  7. Finally, the MAIN PROFILE is visible and the user needs to select that. (this is the location where the entire database containing messages, calendars, and contacts i.e. PST files are saved.

How to Restore Deleted PST Files on Mac?

When you delete the files from your Mac, they automatically go into your trash can. From there you can go and restore them without any hassle and difficulty. Just go on the required file and click on the find the deleted files from your Mac.

You can also obtain the deleted files using the undo option or the backup option too that is available or also use the terminal command option. But if all of the above-mentioned options are not available, then still there is no need to panic. You can get all your data back using iBatsoft Data Recovery.

What is iBatsoft Data Recovery?

It is a data recovery software tool to find different file types, including videos, pictures, documents, of course, PST files on Mac and external hard drives, including memory cards, USB flash drives, etc. The user-friendly interface makes using it very simple. The user doesn’t have to learn long complex methods to get back the data files. Just a few simple steps and the user will get all the lost, deleted, and formatted data recovery safely.

Your Safe PST File Recovery Software for Mac

4256 Users
  • It scans the specific files on your Mac to recover the data that has been deleted.
  • This software supports all types of files for example audio or video and can recover them without any problem.
  • It even has a pause button so you can pause and resume your scanning process suiting your time and activities.
  • After the scanning process is complete, this software categorizes the data clearly, making it easy for you to find files.
Download for macOS Download for Windows

Step-by-step guide for how to recover deleted PST files on Mac

  1. Download and install iBatsoft data recovery for Mac on your Mac.
  2. Launch the PST data recovery software and select the drive where you have stored the PST files, click "Scan".
  3. In the result window, you can see all found files. Please find the PST file, preview it. If it is the one you need, select it and click "Save" to recover permanently deleted files on Mac.

Note: If the scan doesn't find the PST file on Mac, please try the "Ultra Scan" feature in the result window. It will start the scan again, looking for the PST file for you.

How to Import PST File into Mac Outlook 2016?

After recovering the deleted PST file, you must want to import the PST file into Mac Outlook to check out the content.

For importing the database files for mac the user must have to export those files from the previous app or window by performing few particular steps, then save the exported file in a specific folder. From here, the user would be able to import those files on mac outlook. Here is the complete step-by-step guideline that will help users to import the PST files on Mac outlook.

  1. Click the mail to launch it.
  2. From the file menu, click import mailboxes and choose file in inbox format. Click continue.
  3. When prompted select the folder where you have saved the exported data, select exported emails.
  4. Click on Choose. Select the folder to import and start the process of importing. Once the process completed you will find all the messages in the outlook import folder.

How to Open PST Files on Mac without Outlook

As we know that the PST file is the database. The software executes the result by using those data files. So the user might need to use a PST file converter to open in Mac without using outlook.

There are so many software tools available easily and simply in use the user can download the software and convert the file by using simple steps. First of all the users can install the "Mac PST viewer" or reader tool in that the message will emerge to be read. It is the easiest way of reading the PST files.

  1. Firstly open the file "opener utility" on mac
  2. Click on add file
  3. Load the PST files to the interface
  4. The desired PST file must be selected
  5. Select OPEN and choose any folder to load mailbox then click on continue.
  6. Now select the email to popup.

As you can see, even though it seems difficult, recovering your deleted PST files is simple when you have the right software.

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