Recover Data from External Hard Drive with Top 5 Mac Data Recovery

|by Nitzsche, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

Data is getting bigger in size day by day. As with the advancement in technology such as digital data now takes a lot of space when we store it on computers. The main reliable storage media that’s widely used to store data to keep sure it will be safe is an external hard drive. These eternal hard drives are the same as the hard drives that are working in our Mac but these external hard drives are inserted into a case that’s connected with a USB cable. But there are still chances that data be lost or accidentally deleted from an external hard drive as well. In this guide, we will tell you how to restore data from an external hard disk on Mac. We will list the top 5 data recovery software for Mac external hard drive.

Part 1. Top 5 Data Recovery Software for Mac External Hard Drive

#1. iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac

it’s the most reliable, efficient, and professional Mac data recovery tool that allows Mac users to retrieve deleted files and folders from external hard drives. It comes with fully functional and comprehensive data recovery features that help users to increase their data protection on external hard drives. It’s not only bounded with the external hard drive but also you can get back deleted data from other peripheral devices. It’s fully compatible with all the latest Mac OS versions and the previous ones as well. No matter, how the data was deleted from your Mac’s external hard drive: iBatsoft data recovery for Mac will retrieve all that files.

The installation and use are very simple. You just have to download it on your Mac and install it according to the instructions provided. After that, you have to scan the external hard drive from where you want to find your deleted files and folders on Mac. Whether the data was deleted due to emptied trash or an unmounted driver, it will bring it back to you. It’s all one data recovery solution, whether data was deleted on Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows OS; iBatsoft has alternative versions for different devices and operating systems.

its powerful enough to restore all files types on Mac such as

There are many other type of file that it supports according to the operating system it’s being launched.

Features of iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac
Retrieve data deleted from any storage device on Mac.
Find deleted data from Camera, iPad, and iPad touch.
It supports data recovery from external hard disk and SSD as well.
Easy to use for everyone even people without any technical knowledge.
Restore data from APFS and T2 Chip efficiently.
It enables you to retrieve all files and folders that were during formatting the drive.
Advantages of iBatsoft Data Recovery
Get back all deleted files due to any reason with few clicks.
It supports both Mac and Windows.
You can get your money back within 60 days if you are not satisfied with the product.
The free trial version only works for Mac internal hard drive. To recoer files from external hard drive on Mac, you need to upgrade to the full version.

#2. Disk Drill for Mac

If you want to have a complete data recovery package for your Mac, that can get back deleted partitions, can bring back your Mac’s external hard drives data and other peripheral devices, then Disk Drill data recovery is a good tool. if you are looking to recover important documents, photos, and videos to retrieve on Mac Disk Drill will be efficient to complete these actions without any kind of issue.

Disk Drill supports a variety of file formats and file types. External drives for Mac are often used to save digital data such as high-quality videos and pictures. It supports all the file formats that are widely used such as AVI, FLV, MP4, BRA, and many others. The same is for audio, documents, archives, and other files.

Features of Disk Drill for Mac
It has a recovery vault that keeps track of all the data that was deleted before the Trash bin.
Recover data that was deleted due to hardware damages or software crash from external hard drive on Mac.
It comes with free spaces erases if you want to permanently deleted data on Mac.
It can also crate byte-to-byte disk and partitions backups on a Mac.
Advantages of Disk Drill Data Recovery for Mac
It has a fresh and friendly user interface.
Offers multiple recovery methods such as quick scan and deep scan.
Performance is excellent such as you can preview data before recovering it on your Mac.
The basic version is free but there are very limited features and for using its full features and support you will have to buy a plan.
Its free version is only limited to 500MB of data.
You can’t see the quality and condition of the file before restoring it.

#3. EaseUS Data Recovery Tool for Mac

The best data recovery software for Mac that can recover your lost/deleted from accidental deletion, hardware damage, power breakdown, software crash, emptied trash, and from many other data lost scenarios. EaseUS data recovery helps users to overcome data loss scenarios and it can recover deleted photos, videos, audios, documents, and other file types from the external hard drive on Mac.

Except for data recovery, it’s capable to extract data from iTunes backup or Time Machine backup to get back files that were deleted.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery
Recover data that was deleted accidentally from your external hard drive.
If your Mac’s external hard drive was formatted, it can find it easily.
It can recover data that was deleted due to virus attacks.
Advantages of EaseUS Data Recovery
The user interface is very quick and friendly to use.
Recover data within simple three clicks.
Provides preview option before final recovery
Can’t scan individual folders.
The preview option doesn't work for video and audio files.
The deep scan mode can use after the quick scan mode only.

#4. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

This best data recovery software for external hard drives helps to get back files and folders from external hard drives within few clicks. It brings all the best features that are required to perform secure data recovery on Mac and Macbook Pro. You can use it freely as a trial to test whether can you recover data from an external hard drive or not? Later you can buy a plan according to your needs to get access to full features.

It supports Mac Notebook/Desktop, video player, USB flash drive, Camcorder, and other storage media devices.

Features of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
It’s 100% safe, secure and reliable to use.
It’s trusted by millions of users and you get 24x5 technical support.
Supports all the Mac file systesm such as HFS, HFS+, APFS, NTFS etc.
Advantages of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
It can recover digital media such as photos, videos, and audio files.
Offers enhanced data recovery results.
Improved data recovery engine.
Comes with 4 data recovery modes.
There’s no chat option for support/help, you will have to contact with email.
The free version only offers limited features and you can’t fully restore any file or folder in the free version.

#5. Data Rescue

Data Rescue is an amazing tool if that you can use to recover data from an external hard drive on Mac. It can scan drives on a Mac and finds out all the deleted data whether the drive was internal or external. Users can even recover data from drivers that are formatted or mounted wrongly. Besides, it can scan USB flash drives, SD cards, SDDs, and other storage devices.

You can easily recover your important pictures, documents, and videos that were lost due to damage or hardware failure on an external hard drive.

Features of Data Resue
Comes with advanced search options.
Can easily perform driver recovery.
Recover data from a variety of data storage devices.
Advantages of Data Rescue Mac Data Recovery Tool
Duplicate recognization feature that saves a lot of space on your external hard drive on Mac.
Time machine integration to recover data from backups on Mac.
Offers faster file recovery with an improved user interface.
It's expensive and there’s no refund policy.
You can get only online troubleshooting support.

If you are facing any issue in your external hard drive and don’t know how to retrieve data from an external hard disk on Mac, then try any of the tools that are listed. You will be able to perform file recovery on the external hard disk.

Part 2. How to Recover Data from External Hard Disk on Mac

5 Mac data recovery software for external hard drive are introduced for you in the above. Some people wonder how to use the software tools to recover data from an external hard disk on Mac. Actually, the steps are similar. Here in the following, I will take iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac as an example of how to recover data from an external hard drive. Take a look at the steps below.

Step 1. Download and install the Mac recovery software for external hard drive. To download iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac, you just need to click the DOWNLOAD button. After then, use a digital cable to connect the external hard drive from which you want to recover files with your Mac.

Step 2. Launch the data recovery for Mac external hard drive. In the left panel, select the external hard drive as the target disk to scan for lost files. Click "Scan" to let the Mac external hard drive data recovery software work.

Step 3. Wait until the scanning process is finished. After then, you can see all found files. Please select the file type in the left panel and preview the details on the right side. When found the needed files, select them and click "Save" to recover them on your Mac. That’s how to recover data from external hard disk on Mac. Simple and easy to make it.