How to Fix a Circle with Line Through It on Mac

|by Nitzsche, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

Suddenly, if you are working in the office and the sign "a circle with a line through it" has shown up on the Mac then you got worried. Of course, this is not good news for you because of the indication of a severe problem with Mac and this can harm your all files.

What does a Circle with a Line Through It Mean on Mac

A circle with a line through it means that the startup disk although contains the operating system of the Mac, but actually, it is not macOS that the Mac of the user can use. A Mac starts up to a circle with a line through it is an alarming situation for all Mac users. Be confident enough to bear this problem for a time being.

You need to take attention immediately because you can lose your data while working on Mac. In order to avoid the permanent loss of data, don’t get worried about anything. First of all rescue the data when you receive the sign of circle with line through it Mac. The Mac can’t boot from the build or version of macOS and at the start up, Mac actually feedback this with the crossed-out circle. This is the prohibitory symbol Mac, which most people encounter when the Mac book won’t get turn on. It is mandatory for Mac users to check the compatibility of macOS as well as models of Mac before upgrading. With the help of Time backup, few people try their best to downgrade macOS Big Sur typically to the older system in order to find out the incompatibility of OS. Don’t try to go for lengthy plunge down or reinstallations at the moment.

Part 1. How to Fix the Prohibitory Symbol on Mac?

In order to fix the MacBook pro circle with a slash or prohibitory symbol issue, follow all the steps accurately. For error repairing, use the feature of First Aid in the Disk Utility. The two main methods to follow are:

Method 1.Use Disk Utility to Fix the Circle with Line Through It on Mac

Mac circle with line can be fixed by using the Disk Utility. First Aid in this Disk Utility can repair all the errors that basically lead to the unexpected behaviors of Mac and preventing the Mac from the option of turning on.

If Mac won’t be able to boot pasting the crossed-out sign circle, you need to verify, repair, and check the startup disk with the help of Disk Utility First Aid in the Recovery mode of macOS.

  1. Mac system needs to shut down at this moment. Forcefully shut down your system.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for approximately 5 seconds.
  3. Now, restart the Mac and suddenly hold two keys together. R and Command key.
  4. After you see the logo of Apple or the loading bar, immediately release both keys.
  5. After doing all these steps, the macOS Utility will be seen. This shows up that system is in Recovery mode (macOS).
  6. Select Disk Utility and then click on "Continue".
  7. Select the volume where the system is located and click on the button First Aid.
  8. After that, click on the button Run for checking the errors.
  9. After checking, select the next item and again run "First Aid".
  10. Try to do this for all the Disk Volumes and containers along with the disk. After the completion, proceed for the disk repairment. If the Disk Utility shows any error, format that disk.

Method 2.Backup Mac to Time Machine and Reinstall macOS

If you have the handy Time Machine for backup of all data, it is a really interesting way to restore the data and files which have been removed from the MacBook. For the start up disk repairment, First Aid fails then this comes to the mind that the Mac operating system is incompatible and hence, this causes the prohibitory sign on the Mac boot. This occurs basically when:

For the reinstallation of macOS and backup Mac to Time Machine follow all these steps:

  1. Go to the menu bar and click on Time Machine. Select and click Backup Now.
  2. After selecting, keep on monitoring the backup progress and again click on the Time Machine.
  3. After the finalization of the backup, the notification can be seen on the system.
  4. Go to reinstall after being done with all steps.
  5. From Utilities, select Reinstall macOS, click on the continue button.
  6. For the completion of installation, the on-screen prompting needs to be followed.
  7. After reinstallation completion, the Mac restarts. Follow prompting for the setup completion.
  8. Shut down your system and open it again for usage.

Part 2. How to Restore Data Lost While Fixing Prohibitory Symbol on Mac

For fixing the prohibitory symbol problem on Mac, you can definitely run into many troubles. The main trouble you can get is data loss. It is good if you know the recovery of the data during the fixation issue. In order to recover the data lost while fixing the prohibitory symbol on Mac, two methods should be applied.

Method 1. Restore Files from Time Machine Backup

Restoring files from the Time Machine backup is an easy procedure. Migration Assistant can be used for the transferring process. First of all, make a system Time Machine backup that becomes able for the usage of Migration Assistant for the files restoration and everything that is in the user account. Follow all the steps in order to restore files from Time Machine backup.

  1. First of all, make sure that the backup disk of Time Machine is connected in a proper way and it is turned on at the moment.
  2. On your Mac system, click and open Migration Assistant.
  3. In the Utility folder, you will find Migration Assistant.
  4. The system will ask your wish about how to transfer the data. Select from the given options as per your requirement and then click on the Continue.
  5. Select the data that needs to transfer and then click on Continue to start with the transferring process. Have some patience because it takes hours to transfer all your heavy data.

Method 2.Run iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac to Retrieve Files on Mac

For the recovery of your all deleted or lost files, iBatsoft data recovery for Mac is highly recommended because, with the help of this software, you can find your files not only from hard disk but also from storage devices. It is a reliable and secures file recovery software for macOS. In order to use iBatsoft software to recover deleted files on Mac, you need to follow all the basic steps one-by-one.

  1. Download this hard disk recovery tool for Mac on your system. Give a command of "Scan" to start the process of scanning.
  2. Check the scanning process result in order to make the confirmation of all the lost files.
  3. After the satisfaction of the result, click on "Save" and this will save all your lost files on the Mac.
  4. If the satisfaction is not 100%, no need to worry about anything. You can choose the option of "Ultimate Scan" that provides deep researches.

Hopefully, after reading all the above steps, you will get rid of the prohibitory symbol when your Mac is booting up. The different methods have been mentioned and you can easily follow all the methods and steps in order to recover the lost files.