How to Undelete Files in Windows 11/10 | Best Freeware and Free Solutions in 2022

|by Shelley, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

When files are deleted in Windows 11/10, you must be searching the answer for "how do I undelete files in Windows 11?" There are several ways available. Here in the following, we’ll focus on the workable way for how to undelete files in Windows 11/10.

Part 1. Best Undelete Files Windows 11/10 Tool Free Download

Accidentally deleting files is not only your problem, it can be a problem for most people. After the deletion, the very first way to undelete deleted files in Windows 11/10 is making use of data recovery software. You know, if you have performed the Shift + Delete shortcut deletion or emptied the recycle bin, it’s the only option for you. Otherwise, you will face the failure of undeleting files in Windows PC. The best software to undelete files in Windows 11/10 we recommend is iBatsoft Data Recovery. It will scan your Windows internal hard drive, displaying all the recoverable files for you.

Steps for How to Undelete Files on Windows 11/10 PC with software

  1. Click DOWNLOAD to get the software on your Windows PC. Install it properly. If any message pops up from your computer, please confirm the changes to the system.
  2. Launch the Windows 11/10 Undelete software. In the very first window, please select the hard drive from where you’re going to undelete files in Windows 11/10. Click the "Scan" button beside it.
  3. You can see the software scan the hard drive, looking for the deleted files for you. When it finished, check out the found files by filtering file types. When find the deleted files, select "Save" to undelete them. Find a location on your Windows PC to save it.

Part 2. How to Undelete Files in Windows 11/10 for Free

People want to undelete files Windows 11/10 freeware for help. There are not many undelete files Windows open source. The freeway is available the moment you delete files in Windows PC. It’s the recycle bin where deleted files in Windows are temporarily saved. If you did not empty it and your deleted files might be restored.

  1. Double-click to open recycle bin.
  2. Check the deleted files saved there. Scroll down to find the targe files.
  3. Select deleted files, right-click and select Restore. After then, you can see the undeleted files are put back to the original folders.

Part 3. How to Undelete Files in Windows 11/10 with CMD

Besides undelete files in Windows 11/10 with tools or restore from recycle bin, you can also undelete files in Windows 11/10 with CMD, namely Command Line.

  1. Press the "Windows" and "R" buttons at the same time. In the pop-up, type in cmd and press Enter.
  2. Type chkdsk F: /f and press Enter. (in chkdsk F: /f, F represents the drive letter from where you want to undelete files in Windows 11/10)
  3. Press Y and wait for the command lines start again.
  4. Type F:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and press Enter.
  5. After then, you can find a folder created on the hard drive, full of files you have deleted in Windows PC.

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