SD Card Raw File Recovery | How to Recover Raw Files from SD Card

|by Dodson, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

"how can I restore raw photos from the SD card. There is a problem with my camera SD card. I have to format the SD card to fix the issue, which erased all the raw files."

SD card is the place where camera saves raw photos and videos. However, there are many reasons cause the raw files lost, like accidental deletion, SD card formatting, SD card just becomes empty or inaccessible. No matter what happened, the first thing you need to do it recover raw files from SD card the moment you find you have lost the raw files.

Prep work to Get Back RAW Files from SD card

iBatsoft Data Recovery is developed for users to retrieve files lost or deleted on computer internal hard drives or external disks, covering the memory cars, microSD cards, etc. It’s very easy to recover photos from SD card. To prevent data loss, you should use it to restore raw files from SD card right away.

How to Recover Raw Photos from SD Card on Windows PC

Connect the SD card with your computer. After then, free download and install the SD card raw file recovery software on your computer.

  1. Launch the SD card data recovery on your computer. Click the "Scan" button beside the SD card hard drive in the left panel. It will scan for the raw files in the SD card.
  2. In the scanning result, find the lost raw files and select them, click "Save". Here please save the raw files to your computer, not to the SD card again to prevent data loss again.

How to Retrieve Raw Files from SD Card on Mac

Download the SD card software Mac version. Please install it on your Mac. If the is any issue to install it, please set up your macOS system preferences as install apps from App Store and identified device.

  1. Connect the SD card with your Mac, making sure it is recognized as an external hard drive. If not, please try Disk Utility to fix the problem first.
  2. Click the "Scan" button beside the SD card hard drive letter in the left panel. It will take some time for the software to finish the whole scanning process. After then, you can preview the found raw files. Select the wanted ones and click "Save" to recover files from SD card on Mac.

Possible Reasons for Raw Files Lost on SD Card

1. Accidental deletion while you’re view the photos on camera.

2. SD card formatting cause all data erased, including raw photos.

3. SD card becomes raw and you can’t access to the SD card any more.

4. Virus attack cause the raw files blocked or deleted from SD card.

5. System crash cause the SD card empty.

No matter how it lost, iBatsoft Data Recovery is able to scan the SD card if it is recognized by computer when you connect it with your computer.

How to Restore Raw Files from Formatted SD Card?

Is it possible to get back raw files from formatted SD card? Sure, you can try iBatsoft Data Recovery as well. If the formatting is Quick Format, then the chance to successfully recover raw files from formatted SD card is quite high. If you choose another type of format, it depends.

What if my SD card is corrupted and can’t recognize by computer, can I recover raw files from corrupted SD card?

Wow, that’s a difficult issue. To recover raw files from corrupted files, you must fix the corruption first, making it for the computer to recognize the SD card. On Windows PC, you can try CHKDSK to fix the corruption. On Mac, the built in Disk Unity is great to fix it.

When the SD card can be recognized by your computer, then you can use iBatsoft Data Recovery to recover raw files from SD card.

  1. Connect SD Card with your computer
  2. Launch the iBatsoft Dat Recovery and click "Scan" button beside the SD card.
  3. Preview found raw files. Select the ones you want and click "Save".

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