How to Recover Files from a Formatted Hard Drive

|by Davis, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

Is it possible to recover data from a formatted hard drive? The quick answer is yes it is very easy to format hard drive recovery. However, this can only be done with the use of good hard drive recovery software. During formatting of a hard drive, the physical data is completely removed but the real data is not completely wiped off the hard drive. This is only done when new data is put into the hard drive so if no new data is introduced into the hard drive, all the data that was present before the formatting can still be recovered. So in case you formatted your hard drive by error and seek to get back your information, then this tutorial will be of great help to you. It will show you exactly how to restore files from a formatted hard drive.

Part 1. Free Download Hard Drive Data Recovery Software to Get Files Back

As mentioned above, to recover data from a formatted hard drive, you will have to proceed with the use of disk recovery software. The most advanced and better-placed software to help you restore your formatted hard drive is iBatsoft Data Recovery.

This is the best formatted hard drive recovery software in 2022 and will serve all your data recovery needs. This is a one-in-all, 100% safe data recovery software tool which is used and trusted by millions of users around the globe. No matter the cause of the data loss, you can get your data back with ease that is, in case of "unexpectedly format hard drive", Prompt "‘Media/Drive’ is not formatted, would you like to format?" Or even "Drive initialization, inaccessible or unreadable, other errors" involving formatting you can still be able to recover data using iBatsoft Data Recovery.
iBatsoft Data Recovery is capable of recovering the most common file types such as photos, graphics, documents, audio, video as wells as other very uncommon file types so you are covered and ensured you can find any type of files you had lost. Also, it is very compatible with different storage device file systems and is efficient on both internal and external hard drives.
Due to its simplicity, it can be used by anyone because it does not require particular training and does not equally require the hiring of trained personnel for its operation.
iBatsoft Data Recovery provides two scanning modes for efficient data recovery. A Quick Scanning mode which is a shallower but effective scan and Ultra Scan scanning mode is a more intense and effective searching process.

Part 2. Gudie to Restore Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Hard drive formatted recovery using iBatsoft Data Recovery is easily done in just 3 steps. To begin with these three steps, you have to first of all download and install iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac OS or Windows depending on your operating system. Once this is done, you can then proceed as follows:

Download for Windows Download for macOS
  1. Launch the recover formatted hard drive software
  2. Select the drive from which you want to get the files back
  3. If it is an external hard drive, make sure it is properly connected and recognized by your computer.

  4. Click the "Scan" button beside the formatted hard drive.
  5. it begins the recovery process. By default a quick scan is started. After some time the scanning will be completed and a list of recovered files will be displayed.

  6. Make sure to go through the list to find your files and click "Save".

If you do not find what you need, you can now proceed with an ultra-scan. This will take more time but it will be more efficient than a quick scan. Once the deep scan is completed, you should be able to recover everything you need from the hard drive.

NB: Do not insert anything into the formatted drive before data recovery as this will ruin your chances of recovering data. This will overwrite the data structure of the data that was formatted hence preventing data recovery.

Part 3. Why You Need to Format Hard Disk

Formatting a hard drive is sometimes a necessary process as this can be used to solve many issues that the hard drive in particular or the computer as a whole is encountering. It is good to note that formatting a hard drive removes all the information present in it. So formatting a hard drive often won’t be of great help but sometimes it can be a good tool. Some cases in which a hard drive may require a format include;

1- Failing of the computer

In case your computer encounters problems during booting or is stuck in a black screen, formatting the hard drive could be a great way of fixing it if all other methods in which this problem could be solved have been exhausted and nothing changes.

2- Your Computer is Slow

At times, your computer may run slowly as a result of logical problems and in such situations, simply formatting the hard disk of the computer can greatly improve the performance of that computer.

3- Virus and other malware attacks

If your system is infected by viruses and other malware, but can’t be cleaned up using antivirus or other virus cleaning means, then the only option left is to format the disk to prevent further damage of the virus or other malware.

4- Your Hard Drive is full

After a few months or years of work, your hard drive will eventually get full and you will need more space. Simply deleting the unwanted files will not be enough to free up space from the hard drive because some useless files are hidden and cannot be deleted manually. So in this situation, formatting the hard drive is the best alternative and will save you a lot of time and effort.

5- To perform an operating system upgrade

As time goes on, newer and better-operating systems are released and as a result, upgrading your operating system is necessary. To upgrade your operating system, you are required to format the hard drive to remove the previous operating system and to make space for the new operating system.

These are different reasons why it is necessary to sometimes format your hard drive.

Part 4. Things People Should Pay Attention to before Formatting a Hard Drive

Formatting a hard drive as seen above is sometimes necessary but there are certain things you have to do before formatting your hard drive in order to prevent any disorders or data loss problems.

1- Make sure to save your files

Saving your files should be the first thing you should think of when you want to format your hard drive. This is to prevent you from losing your data as formatting your hard drive involves removing everything present from it. Make sure to save your files.

2- Copying the Browser Settings

Following the numerous websites into which you have once ventured as well as your saved browser settings and saved sites which are present in bookmarks, it will save you a lot of time to just copy the browser settings so that you can still be able to recover your internet history and passwords with ease in case of future use.

3- Make sure you have an Operating system copy

This should be one of the main things you should have before considering any formatting of your system hard drive. Once the formatting is done, your computer requires an operating system for it to be able to function properly hence you should make sure to have a copy of this system.

NB: Make sure to save your product key alongside your operating system so that you may still be able to use it without Windows considering your operating system to be a pirated version and preventing you from performing updates alongside having other features.

To find your product key, just right-click on My Computer and you will see the product key. Copy it and keep it to be used after reinstalling the Windows operating system.

4- Use Cleaner software

The reason for your formatting may be as a result of a virus attack or to eradicate junk files that have accumulated in your computer system. If this is the case, then you can consider trying to solve the problem through the use of cleaner software first and see if it solves your problem. This is because sometimes, there are better alternatives to formatting your hard drive in order to solve a problem and formatting should be the last resort in such a case.

5- Save your Drivers

Without your drivers, your computer cannot run as smoothly as it should because drivers are very essential. If you want to re-download your drivers, it may take you a long time to do so hence saving your drivers will be very beneficial for you so as to prevent you from stress and time wastage in the long run.

6- Save all your Serial keys

Just as the product keys on windows, serial keys enable you to be able to use all your paid software on a different or formatted computer. This will save you from purchasing software twice. Before formatting your hard drive, always make sure to save the serial keys of your paid software in order to save your pockets.

These are the main things to keep in mind when you want to format your hard drive especially a system hard drive. If you can take care of all these effects, then you can format your hard drive with no risks in mind.

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