How to Recover Deleted PDF from Windows 11/10 – 3 Steps [2022]

|by Shelley, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

"How do I recover deleted PDF files in Windows 11? I accidentally delete a folder that contains several PDF documents. Do you know the way to retrieve a Delete PDF file? please help me."

No matter how you lost PDF files, you must hurry up and follow the useful tutorial to learn how to recover deleted and unsaved PDF files in Windows 11/10.

Part 1. 3 Steps for How to Recover Deleted PDF Files in Windows 11/10

Step 1. Check recycle bin to recover recently deleted PDF files

The first place to look for deleted PDF files must be the recycle bin since it’s the default place on Windows PC to store deleted files temporarily. Normal deletion, like select a PDF file and click the Delete button, will send the deleted files there.

  1. Double-click the recycle bin icon to launch it.
  2. After then, you can search for the deleted PDF files there.
  3. If you found the targe PDF files, select them or one needed and click "Restore the selected items".

Step 2. Restore deleted PDF files in PC from Previous Version

If you have used Shift+Delete to delete PDF files or emptied recycle bin, you can’t find from the recycle bin, but you can get back from previous version. Restore to previous version is the feature of Windows built-in File History. It lets users recover deleted PDF files by restoring the folder to a previous point of time.

  1. Find the folder where PDF files were deleted.
  2. Right-click on the folder and select "Restore previous versions".
  3. In the list, choose the time when the PDF files were there.
  4. Click "Restore" to restore the folder to the previous version.

It will tell you that the current files will be replaced. Please confirm it. Or you just drag and drop the folder to another location on your computer, which will not replace the current folder.

Step 3. Retrieve deleted PDF files in Windows 11/10 with professional Data Recovery Software

If you can’t recover deleted PDF files from recycle bin or by restoring from previous version, and you don’t have any backup, then the last resort to recover deleted PDF files in Windows 11/10 is using professional Data Recovery software – iBatsoft Data Recovery. You should make use of the software to do the PDF file recovery soon, preventing any risk of losing the PDF files permanently. Here is the procedure to find deleted PDF files in Windows 11/10.

  1. Free Download the data recovery tool. Install it on your Windows PC.
  2. Launch the PDF recovery software and select the hard drive from where you have deleted PDF files, click "Scan" to let the software scanning for the deleted PDF files.
  3. When the scanning process is finished, then you can see all found files. PDF belongs to "Documents". Please select the file type and check out the file details. When find the target PDF files, select the needed one(s) and click "Save".

If you don’t see the deleted PDF files after the scanning process, please try the "Ultra Scan" feature in the scanning result. It will rescan your computer, finding more files for you.

Part 2. How to Recover Unsaved PDF Documents with AutoSave

How to get back unsaved PDF files in Windows 10? Sometimes due to system crash, software crash or PC powered off, the PDF files unsaved might lose. In this case, you should recover unsaved pdf files in Windows 10 with the PDF software you were using, for example Adobe Acrobat Reader. While relaunch the software, the pop-up will ask you to find the file.

  1. Launch the software on which you were opening the unsaved PDF file before the crash.
  2. When a pop-up asks you to open the recovered document, please confirm it by clicking "Yes".
  3. Save the opened PDF to a folder on your Windows PC.

Part 3. How to Fix Corrupted PDF Files

Besides asking how to restore deleted PDF files from PC in Windows 11/10 and how to recover unsaved PDF files, many people also asked how to fix corrupted PDF files, which can’t be opened normally. Actually, there are many online PDF software to solve the problem. If there isn’t any top secret on the PDF files, you can try the free online software to do it. Generally, the process are almost the same.

  1. Open the online PDF fix webpage
  2. Upload the corrupted PDF files.
  3. Click "Repair PDF" and wait it to finish
  4. Download the repaired corrupted PDF files.

Here is a list of free online webpage to repair corrupted PDF files:






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