How to Recover Deleted Videos from GoPro

|by Shelley, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

GoPro could be the number one brand for action photographers. It’s loved by people who always have outdoor sports. In this case, hundreds of videos and photos are shot by GoPro cameras. Can you recover deleted videos from GoPro? It is the question asked by many people. For sure, if you accidentally deleted GoPro videos, you can get them back.

What to Act for How to Retrieve Deleted Videos from GoPro

1. Stop using your GoPro camera if you have found you had deleted videos there. If you’re going to use the GoPro camera again, please get the SD card off to perform video recovery first. Any operation on the SD card might cause videos overwritten.

2. Download and install iBatsoft Data Recovery (for Windows PC) or Mac iBatsoft Data Recovery. Install it on the computer where you’re going to recover deleted GoPro videos.

iBatsoft Data Recovery – Recover Deleted Videos from GoPro with 3 Steps

why iBatsoft Data Recovery is recommended? Tested and used by thousands of people, iBatsoft really has done a great job to help users find lost or deleted videos. And the latest version has updated the feature to improve the quality of the recovered videos, solving the problem that many data recovery tools have encountered, namely some recovered videos cannot be opened. What’s more important, over 1000 users have used it successfully recovered deleted GoPro videos and photos. Here are the simple steps for how does it work to get back videos.

  1. Get the GoPro video recovery software. Install it on your computer properly. After then, you need to take the SD card from the GoPro camera, connect it with your computer, making sure it is recognized by your computer.
  2. Launch iBatsoft Data Recovery. In the left panel of the Window, you can see the list of all computer internal and external hard drives. Select the one that stands for the SD card and click "Scan" beside it.
  3. When the scanning process is finished, you can see all the found files. Select the needed videos and click "Save" to recover the deleted GoPro videos. You can also try the "Ultra Scan" in the result window to scan the GoPro camera again, retrieving more deleted videos from GoPro.

Reasons that cause Videos Lost from GoPro

Frequently Asked Question for GoPro Video Recovery

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