How to Recover Data from Formatted SD Card on Windows PC and Mac

|by Shelley, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

"Can you retrieve data from formatted SD card?" one day, my friend asked me the question because he had some precious pictures there and a there was a problem with the SD card, he had to format it which result in data loss from the formatted SD card.

Is it possible to get back files from formatted SD card?

If you use the right way, then you can restore data from formatted SD card. Though there are different scenarios for data loss, the theory for data storage and data deletion is the same. When you formatting an SD card, logically the SD card is erased and installed with the new file system. By doing this, the SD card becomes a new one, successfully fixed errors, and preparing for new data saving. However, the existing files are still there. They’re waiting to be replaced by new data. In this case, if you haven’t get any data saving on the formatted SD card, then you can retrieve files from a formatted SD card.

In a word, if you want to recover formatted SD card, you should stop using it right after the formatting and learn how to do format SD card recovery.

How to Access SD Card Formatted as Internal Storage?

You can access an SD card formatted as internal storage if there isn’t any problem with the SD card. If you still can’t access it after the formatting, then you should send the SD card to a seller for fixing or replacement. However, if you want to access the SD card's original files, namely recovering lost data from formatted SD card, you should learn how to recover files from formatted SD card with data recovery software.

How to Retrieve Files on Formatted SD Card?

I have mentioned to restore files from formatted SD card, data recovery software is a must. You can’t find files from formatted SD card without software. Only with desktop data recovery software, all the recoverable files will be displayed for you to recover from the formatted SD card. You must want to ask whether there is an app for devices to recover files from formatted SD card. The answer is no. Anywhere the SD card is used as internal storage, if you want to increase the success rate of data recovery from SD card, you should use professional file recovery software.

Among the data recovery software for formatted SD card, iBatsoft Data Recovery is fully recommended for the reasons.

Your Safe Formatted SD Card Recovery Software

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  • It’s fully compatible with all branded SD cards, micro SD cards, SDHC, SDXC, etc.
  • Supports over any file types, covering pictures, videos, audio files, documents, and more.
  • Standalone version to recover files from formatted SD card on Mac and Windows PC in 2 simple steps.
  • Developed especially for individuals, no jargon, no technique required while doing SD card data recovery.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Steps for How to Recover Formatted SD Card on Mac/Windows PC

  1. Download the formatted SD card recovery software
  2. Please click the DOWNLOAD button to get the right version for either your Mac or Windows PC. Install it on your computer. After then, connect the SD card with your computer, making sure it is recognized as an external hard drive.

  3. Select the format memory card
  4. Launch the data recovery software. Select the "SD Card" and click on "Scan" beside it to start scanning the formatted SD card, looking for files on the formatted SD card.

  5. Select the target file to restore.
  6. During the scan process, you can preview and retrieve the data. To retrieve files from formatted SD card, simply choose the files and click the "Save" button to recover files from SD card on Mac or Windows.

Yes. In most circumstances, all files can be recovered from a recently formatted SD card with the default scanning mode (Quick Scan), and the process is simpler than you might expect. If there are more files you expect to recover from the formatted SD card, try the Ultra Scan feature. You can find it in the scanning result window.

Frequently Asked Questions for How to Restore the Data from Formatted SD Card

1. Why does my SD card need formatting?

Is your operating system informing you that you need to format your SD card? In that instance, the SD card is almost certainly corrupted. Don't format it if you have important data on it. Instead, use iBatsoft data recovery software to restore your data and then repair the formatting problem.

2. Will formatting an SD card delete photos?

When you format an SD card, you delete all the files, including your images. However, the deleted photos will remain physically on the SD card until they are overwritten by new data, providing you the opportunity to retrieve them using special SD card recovery software.

3. How to get back data from formatted micro SD card?

Micro SD card belongs to SD card. And to get data back from formatted micro SD card, whether it’s on a camera or Android phone, you should connect the device with your computer > install iBatsoft Data Recovery on your computer > scan the micro SD card > preview and select recoverable files to recovery.

4. What happens when I format an SD card?

When you format an SD card, you essentially erase the existing file structure and replace it with a new one. After the card has been reformatted, the files and folders that were previously displayed on it are no longer accessible. Most operating systems and devices allow you to choose between a Quick and a Full format. The one you select will have an impact on your capacity to retrieve files if you accidentally formatted the card before saving its contents to a safe location.

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