How to Recover Deleted/Corrupted PNG Files from Computer/Android Device/Online

|by Davis, Posted on Jan 4, 2022

As the most popular media file type, photos are everywhere. Photos are taken from cameras, smartphones, tablets, and even computers. It’s easy to create new photos and it’s also easy to delete or lose photos by accident. Here in the following, let’s explore the workable ways for how to get back deleted and corrupted PNG files from computers, Android devices, and online.

Part 1. 3 Ways for How to Recover Deleted PNG Files on PC/Android/SD Card

Method #1. How to Recover Deleted PNG Files with Data Recovery Software

The best and most efficient way to find deleted and lost PNG photos are by using professional data recovery software. You know, using a tool, saves time and increases the PNG file recovery success rate, preventing data overwritten issues.

iBatsoft Data Recovery is specially designed for users to recover permanently deleted files from SD card, pc internal disks as well as the computer-connected drive. It can be a great tool for you to restore deleted PNG files.

Best Software to Recover PNG Files – iBatsoft Data Recovery

4738 Users
  • It lets you retrieve PNG files from computer internal hard drives, SD cards, CF cards, memory cards, USB flash drives, etc.
  • No matter how you lost the PNG files, like deletion, transfer errors, system errors, computer crash, hard drive formatting, partition loss, etc, it can get the PNG files back.
  • 99.85% file recovery rate makes it an outstanding tool for PNG file recovery.
  • Separate versions for Windows PC and Mac to recover deleted PNG files.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Here is the step-by-step guide for how to restore deleted PNG files with the professional data recovery tool.

  1. Get the right version of the recovery software for your Windows PC or Mac.
  2. It’s free to download and install. Feel free to install them on your computer.

  3. Launch the PNG recovery software and click scan
  4. From the first window, click the "Scan" button beside the drive where PNG files were deleted in the left panel. And you can see the scanning process begin on the right side. If the PNG photos are on an SD card or external hard drive, you need to connect the hard drive with your computer beforehand. Then select the external disk to scan.

  5. PNG File recovery after Preview
  6. Wait for the scanning process to finish. After then, check the result window and file categories. Find the Pictures type, then filter the recoverable PNG photos. Select the photos to preview. After then, select them all and click "Save" to save them on your computer.

That’s for how to find deleted PNG files with data recovery software.

Method #2. How to Retrieve Deleted PNG Files with Command Line

If the PNG files are deleted on Windows PC, then you can make use of the command line to cancel the deletion and get back the deleted PNG files.

  1. Press Win and R keys at the same time.
  2. Type in cmd and press Enter.
  3. Type in chkdsk E:/f and press Enter
  4. (letter "E" is your drive letter where PNG files are deleted). If the file for this volume is being used, close it or type Y to force it to be uninstalled.

  5. Type in E and press Enter again
  6. Type in attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:*.* and press Enter.

This way will help you get files back using CMD.

Method #3. How to Restore Deleted PNG Files from Previous Version

On Windows PC, there is a feature named "File History". It records all the versions of a file or a folder. If you have enabled it, you can try the following steps to restore deleted PNG files from the previous version.

  1. Right-click the folder where PNG files were deleted and click "Restore to Previous Versions".
  2. Scroll down to find the right pervious version which contains the deleted PNG files, and click "Restore".
  3. Reopen the folder again to check the restored PNG files there.

Part 2. 2 Ways for How to Recover Corrupted PNG Files

It’s a common problem that PNG photos get corrupted. There are many reasons that can cause the issue, like virus attack, deletion, recovery with an unprofessional tool, system errors, SD card errors, etc. When it happens, you can try the following 2 ways to restore corrupted PNG files.

Method #1. How to Get Back Corrupted PNG Files with Professional Tool

Using a repair tool to fix corrupted PNG files could be a smart choice since the photos are full of privacy. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac or Windows is a file recovery tool that comes with the feature to fix corrupted photos. You can fix corrupted PNG files with it in 3 simple steps. It can do the fix in bulk.

  1. Download and install the tool on your computer.
  2. Launch the software tool. Click the "Scan" button beside the hard drive where PNG files were corrupted.
  3. To fix corrupted PNG files on an SD card, you should connect it with your computer.

  4. Find the fixed PNG files and Restore.
  5. Select target file to preview. If they’re successfully fixed, select them and click "Recover" to save on your computer.

Method #2. How to Restore Corrupted PNG Files Online

Online software is another option for recovering corrupted PNG files. There is much online software available. Just type in the google search box as "recover corrupted PNG files online", then you will get the results.

The procedure to use them to fix corrupted PNG files online are the same: upload corrupted PNG files > repair the corruption > download the fixed PNG files.

When facing recovering deleted or corrupted PNG files, you should calm down to select the right tool. The right tool will get you the right result. Any panic for doing data recovery might cause data loss accidentally or fail to get files back.

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