How to Recover Chrome Incognito History on Mac/PC

|by Shelley, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

"Can one view the incognito history on Google Chrome? I used the incognito mode by accident. I need to get back the browsing history from Chrome incognito mode. Please help."

It’s the common scenario for people who want to learn how to recover incognito history on Chrome, either on Mac or Windows PC. Though for most people, there is no way to see incognito history on Mac/PC after quit the Chrome browser. There are still workarounds you can try. Let’s learn the useful information.

Part 1. What is incognito history

Whenever you browse a website with Chrome in the standard mode, the application will save the browsing history as well as cookies, letting you view the webpage fast next time. However, once your behavior is tracked, instead of showing all the results when surfing the internet, you’re more likely to see the wanted content. As time passed, you might ignore the realities. That’s the reason why incognito mode is available.

Incognito mode in Chrome provides you a clean browsing experience. It never saves the browsing history, tracking your behaviors, cookies, etc. once you quit the app and reopen it, a new clean window is for you. However, the drawback is that you might forget which website you have visited.

To browse the internet with Chrome incognito

If you really want to know how to restore incognito history on chrome, you can take a look at the following parts for how to recover incognito history on Mac and PC.

Part 2. How to restore incognito history on Mac

It’s true the incognito does not save browsing history. However, your mac might have saved the information of the websites you visited. You can try the following steps to check whether you can get back incognito history on Mac or not.

  1. Launch Chrome browser on your Mac
  2. Go to the History menu on top of the window and you will see the option, Recently Closed, Recently Visited, Show Full History.
  3. Select Show Full History to show the browsing history list. You can make use of the list to reopen a website or remove it from the browsing history.

Part 3. How to retrieve incognito history on PC

Incognito browsing history is not saved on Chrome in Windows PC as well. If you want to find history from chrome incognito mode, try the steps below.

  1. Create a text file, which comes with the file extension .txt on your Windows PC. The note on your Windows PC can save a file as text file. Name it, say, luck.txt.
  2. Press the Win and R keys simultaneously and type in cmd in the pop-up search box.
  3. In the new command window, ipconfig/displaydns>D:luck.txt and click Enter. The D:luck.txt refers to the luck.txt file is saved in drive D. You can replace it with the reallocation for your created file.
  4. Open the luck.txt file to check out the incognito history.

Part 4. How to recover deleted browsing history on Chrome

Though it’s a little bit hard to recover incognito browsing history on Mac and PC, it’s quite easier to restore deleted browsing history and bookmark browsed in standard mode on Chrome. The only needed tool is iBatsoft Data Recovery, a professional data recovery software specially developed for users to find data on computers from disks and external hard drives. You can download the free trial version to scan for files that can be recovered.

Here are the steps for how to retrieve deleted browsing history on Chrome with iBatsoft Data Recovery.

  1. Install the data recovery software
  2. The file recovery software has a separate version for Windows PC and Mac. Please download the right version according to your computer operating system. After then, install it on your computer.

  3. Select hard drive to scan
  4. All the drives on your computer are listed in the left panel. Please select the hard drive where your Chrome browsing history is saved and click "Scan". Generally, if you have installed Chrome in drive C, then you’re supposed to drive C to scan.

  5. Preview and recover deleted Chrome browsing
  6. When the scanning process is finished, you’re able to select files to preview before doing the data recovery. When finding the target files, select them, and click "Save" to get back the files on your computer.

Incognito mode is very useful if you want to experience the real web browsing process, content without leaking any private information. However, it’s easier to miss and lose browsing history. In this case, to make use of incognito mode without the annoyance of losing browsing history, the best operation is bookmarking websites.

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