How to Recover Footage from a Formatted SD Card | Simple Guide for How to Recover Footage from SD Card

|by Shelley, Updated on Jan 4, 2022

  1. Connect your memory card with your computer and make sure it is regarded as an external hard drive on your PC.
  2. Install SD card footage recovery software on your computer.
  3. Launch it and scan the SD card.
  4. Preview the found footage. Select the needed one(s) and click "Save" on your drive. That’s how to get back deleted or lost footage on SD card.


Usually, when you lost or delete footage on an SD card, you must want to restore them at once. Generally, there are two options for how to recover lost footage on an SD card: get the data recovery service from the official and find deleted footages from SD card with SD card data recovery software. The first method is provided by the SD card manufacturer. However, not all of the manufacturers provide. And the second the most wildly used method for the reasons:

As one of the best SD card footage recovery software, iBatsoft Data Recovery is very professional and powerful to restore deleted and lost footage on SD card. It covers all the features users need for SD card footage recovery.

Your Powerfully Software for Retrieve Footage from SD Card

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  • Recover footages in different file formats. It covers almost all the commonly used footage formats, scans for the target ones and help you retrieve them back.
  • Find footages due to deletion, virus attack, system crash, formatting, or SD card becomes raw.
  • Standalone software recovering footages from SD card either on Windows PC or Mac.
  • Streamline the process to recover footages on SD card: connect it with computer and scan this drive, preview and get back the lost files
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Here are the steps for how to recover permanently deleted files from a SD card with the SD card footage recovery software.

  1. Connect your SD card with your computer and let it become an external hard drive on your computer. Install and launch the SD card footage recovery software.
  2. In the left panel of the software, please select the SD card as the target drive to scan. After then, click "Scan", letting the software scan the SD card, looking for the lost footage.
  3. When the scanning is finished, select "Videos" in the left panel and check out the found files on the right side. When finding the footage, select them, and click "Save" to save them to your computer.
  4. (Optional). If you want to recover footages where are not showing in the result window, please click the "Ultra Scan" in the result window. It will scan the SD card deeply, finding more files for you.

Tips for How to Ge Back Lost Footage on SD Card

Frequently asked questions for SD Card Footage Recovery

Q: how to recover footage from a formatted SD card? Does it mean they are lost permanently?

A: for sure formatting will cause all data on the SD card erased, including footages. However, the good news is that you can recover footage from formatted SD card with the above-mentioned SD Card data recovery software. The steps are quite simple.

  1. Stop using the SD card and connect it with your computer.
  2. Download and install the SD card footage data recovery.
  3. Launch the data recovery software and click "Scan" beside the SD card drive.
  4. Check the found files, select needed footage and click "Save" to recover it.

Q: Can I recover the footage lost on SD card? While doing the transfer, it disappeared.

A: yes, you can try the SD card footage recovery software to scan the SD card. Some people really encountered the same issue and recovered the footage successfully.

Q: Are the above-mentioned way workable on my Android micro memory card?

A: Yes, absolutely. The theory of recovering footages on a different devices is the same. You just need to use the right data recovery software and follow the right way to do it.

  1. Connect your Android phone with your PC.
  2. Download and install the SD card data recovery software.
  3. Launch the software, click "Scan" button beside the Android phone drive on the software.
  4. Preview found files. Select needed ones and click "Save" to save them on your computer.

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