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Reliable Data Recovery running on macOS to recover lost photos, videos, documents, movies, audio files, and emails, etc. from Macintosh HD, USB flash drives, SD cards, and other storage devices, no matter you lost the files due to deletion, system crash, raw hard drive, corruption, errors.

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No Matter How You Lose Files, Recovery on Mac Right Away

iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac is developed by following the rule of where the lost files are, how to retrieve them, and equipped with the latest technology for data recovery. Thus, it is able to recover files no matter how you lose them.

2 Steps to Data Recovey on macOS by iBatsoft

The best Mac Data Recovery software is fully compatible with Apple T2 Chip. Namely, it supports data recovery from Macintosh HD and another drive, which could be a big challenge for Mac data recovery software. Besides, it’s fully compatible with all the used macOS currently. iBatsoft Mac data recovery makes it for users. The interface is very simple with built-in streamlined navigation. Users just 2 clicks to recover data from Mac as well as storage devices.

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  • "Amazing. I am really grateful to iBatsoft since all of my files lost on Macbook, and this Mac data recovery has helped me recover most of them, saving my life. My pictures, videos, papers are all there right now. Thank Goodness."

    Leo Wood

  • "Wow, it did a great job to rescue my photos from my camera memory card. I deleted some photos wrongly. Finally, this data recovery for my Mac helped me to retrieve them. Thanks a lot."

    Jeremy Baker

iBatsoft data recovery for Mac did a good job with the external hard drive on which I had tested deleting pictures and scanning the deleted pic with the software. It found the pictures. As for recovering videos, though I was not able to preview the videos for some errors, they were good and retrieve to the hard drive again. By and large, it worked.

  • "Can’t believe it, the Mac data recovery really did it. It helped me recover my photos saved on my Mac. I deleted the whole folder by accidently and emptied the recycle bin. Thank you very much."

    Sarah Dorothy

  • "The USB flash drive became emptying when I connected with my Mac and I did nothing. It seems all files just gone for nothing. My friend recommended iBatsoft Mac data recovery software. It helped recovered most of the files. It works."


  • "There was a problem with my WD hard drive I can’t see the files in the drive. The Mac data recovery software Deep Scan helped me found them. I saved all the files to my Mac. Thanks!"

    Sophia Martin

  • "It’s a big mistake that never backed up my Mac to the time machine, which results in some file loss permanently. Thanks to iBatsoft Data Recovery, I retrieved some important pictures as well contracts. I would like to recommend it to my friends for data rescue purposes."


Standalone, stable, and easy to recover files deleted from an external hard drive on Mac even format it. the iBatsoft Mac data recovery software worth a try for file recovery from an external hard drive, USB flash drive, digital camera CF cards, as well as the computer hard disk whether accidentally deleting or formatting the drive. It worth recommendation.

  • "It saved my life! It helped me recover deleted PPT on my Mac and I did not have to start from scratch again. Thanks for developing such a lifesaver. This is a good choice for users who have no experience in undeleting files."

    Ken Cook

  • "It’s magic that the Mac data recovery software has saved my files. My MacBook Pro has a problem with the doc I was editing lost and unsaved. It scanned my Mac and helped me find it."

    Sarah Emanuel

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Frequently Asked Questions by Users

Recover all the daily used file types on Mac. Such as pictures, videos, audio files, iWork documents(Pages, Numbers, Keynotes), Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Emails, and more, almost all the file types you daily used on Mac can be recovered with the Mac data recovery software. And more files are supported continuously.

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